Increase profits

Identify demand in your market

Increase profits

Providing our clients with the innovative tools and actionable data to drive revenue, increase margin growth, and reduce inventory costs.

Plus & minus sizing

OE, OE Optional, and tire / wheel packages

Plus and minus sizing

Presenting the industry's most comprehensive, accurate, and tested tire and wheel fitment data set.

2D Vehicle Images

Flexible applications for wheel sales

2D Vehicle Images

Successfully selling wheels requires visualization tools for the consumer to experience different styles on their vehicle.

💡knowledge is profit

We analyze our clients' market down to the zip code level and show exactly how to position their products to meet market demand and price — all secured with guaranteed ROI.


📸accurate data

We offer OE, OE Optional, tire/wheel packages, plus and minus/winter sizing for most vehicles from 2014 – 1982, and a large collection of vehicles dating back to 1967


visualize the sale

G2D is our wheel visualization tool. It combines stunning, custom vehicle and wheel images, with the right technology to create a flexible and easily integrated application for wheel sales.


Fitment Group, Real Solutions, Real Results, Guaranteed


With over 30 years industry experience, Fitment Group has created the most comprehensive set of tire/wheel application data, wheel visualization, business intelligence solutions, and consulting services. Fitment Group's suite of tools provide aftermarket clients with innovative solutions and proven and guaranteed ROI.

Fitment Group's tools drive revenue, increase margins, reduce costs, and provide needed advantages in an increasingly competitive market.

Each client has their own unique set of challenges. Working with clients, Fitment Group designs programs to overcome these challenges and provide the data and tools to drive increases in the bottom line.

Please contact Fitment Group today for an introductory discussion on how we can leverage your strengths, overcome your challenges, and make your business more competitive and profitable.

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