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G2D Visualizer

G2D is Fitment Group's wheel visualization tool. It combines stunning, custom vehicle images, with the right technology to create a flexible and easily integrated application for wheel sales.

Other visualization tools force a one size fits all application into your web site, but G2D can be seamlessly integrated into any site or application.

An example of a G2D application is selling wheels online. Successfully selling wheels requires accurate fitment data and visualization tools for the consumer to experience different styles on their vehicle. Other visualization tools only include a limited number of vehicles and present a side-on view of the car which does not allow the user to see the depth of the wheel, reflectivity or finishes accurately.

Fitment Group's Tire and Wheel Fitment data powers G2D, and it is the most comprehensive and accurate tire and wheel application guide available. It includes OE, OE Optional, Plus and Minus Sizing for tires and wheels.

Fitment Group has developed a library of 3D vehicle models that encompass most car and light trucks sold in the US from the current model year through 1995. Vehicles include OE colors for those 2000 and newer and a default color palette for those older than 2000.

Each vehicle model and wheel are modeled in 3D to create photorealistic depth and finishes. We then render these 3D vehicle models and wheels as images for use with G2D's visualization engine.

  • Kauffman Tire
  • Belle Tire
  • Kal Tire
  • Pep Boys
  • Town Fair Tire
  • eBay Motors
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