Fitment Data

Fitment Data

Comprehensive and Accurate

Tire & wheel fitment data

Fitment Group's application and tire/wheel fitment data is the most comprehensive set available on the market.

It offers OE, OE Optional, tire/wheel packages, plus and minus/winter sizing for most vehicles from 2014 – 1982, and a large collection of vehicles dating back to 1967. The data also includes hub ring and nut/bolt specs for creating accurate accessory kits, along with tire pressures and torque settings.

For our international clients, the data is available by country and specific regions throughout the world. In the US, the vehicle list is AAIA ACES attribute based, so mapping other parts and accessories like TPMS, suspension, etc. is simplified.

ACES and PIES Creation

Fitment Group provides the only 3rd party solution creating ACES and PIES files for tires and wheels. Fitment Group not only creates the files, but also manages the monthly updates and syndication to clients.

Fitment Group's aftermarket plus and minus/winter sizing is not based on math but on vehicle measurement, which assures accuracy.

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Data Updates

Our fitment data is updated nightly, and since data is delivered via FTP, a web service or within a hosted application, the data is always up to date. New vehicles are normally added within 60 days of their dealer showroom introduction. The exception being rare and exotic vehicles with low production numbers which are added as they become available for measuring.


Fitment Group's database of accurate global vehicle data contains standard OEM wheel and tire references, the brake caliper profiles and the best-fit aftermarket wheel/tire combinations. Over 35 years of wheel design experience enables us to offer wheel manufacturers an analysis of existing styles and for future projects, the option to outsource technical support or augment internal resources thereby reducing costs.

All wheel designs are compared against back of spoke section drawings so we can be confident that an accurate fitment guide can be deployed. When coupled with the accessory kit information, GeckFit will maximize sales, reduce costs, and decrease returns and mis-fitments.

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